Get Involved


The Interlisp organization on GitHub contains repositories for

  • Medley: Lisp code, build scripts and GitHub automation
  • maiko: The C-coded virtual machine
  • documentation (including this web site)

plus other related project components. Bugs, feature requests, and questions are best posted as GitHub issues in the Medley repository. Do check to see if your issue or question is answered there.

Participants in the project can join the GitHub Interlisp organization.


We have a weekly meeting on Mondays on Zoom. Meetings are to report accomplishments, status, plans, and problems, and discuss directions. Meetings are recorded, but recordings are not public, If you’d like to join in, let us know.

Monday, 1:30 pm ET / 10:30 am PT

Meeting Agendas and Notes

  • Recent meeting agendas and notes are here. Older agendas are here and here. Meeting recordings are made using Zoom “record to the cloud” and then download to google drive; but saving to a youtube private channel is a possibility.

EMail and access groups

There are two Google groups in use:

The archives are public. The LispCore group has access to meeting recordings, and usually gets more email (at least lately). Posts from non-members are moderated.

Other ways to discuss Interlisp or find out more

  • is a Google workspace; “” email addresses and aliases are available.

  • InterlispOrg Inc is a non-profit 501c3 corporation. We accept donations! Show your support!

  • Libera.Chat has a #Interlisp IRC Channel. A place for informal chat. Connect by pointing your IRC client to (TLS) and /join #interlisp. Say hello. There are also channels for #lisp (any dialect) and #common-lisp.

  • Twitter handle: interlisp8.

  • Direct email: In addition to the email groups you can contact by emailing us at