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Get Involved


The Interlisp organization on GitHub contains repositories for

  • Medley: Lisp code, build scripts and GitHub automation
  • maiko: The C-coded virtual machine
  • documentation (including this web site)

plus other related project components. Bugs, feature requests, and questions are best posted as GitHub issues in the Medley repository. Do check to see if your issue or question is answered there.

Participants in the project can join the GitHub Interlisp organization.


We have a weekly meeting on Mondays on Zoom. Meetings are to report accomplishments, status, plans, and problems, and discuss directions. Meetings are recorded, but recordings are not public, If you’d like to join in, let us know.

Monday, 1:30 pm ET / 10:30 am PT

Meeting Agendas and Notes

  • Recent meeting agendas and notes are here. Older agendas are here and here. Meeting recordings are made using Zoom “record to the cloud” and then download to google drive; but saving to a youtube private channel is a possibility.

EMail and access groups

There are two Google groups in use:

The archives are public. The LispCore group has access to meeting recordings, and usually gets more email (at least lately). Posts from non-members are moderated.

Other ways to discuss Interlisp or find out more

  • is a Google workspace; “” email addresses and aliases are available.

  • InterlispOrg Inc is a non-profit 501c3 corporation. We accept donations! Show your support!

  • Libera.Chat has a #Interlisp IRC Channel. A place for informal chat. Connect by pointing your IRC client to (TLS) and /join #interlisp. Say hello. There are also channels for #lisp (any dialect) and #common-lisp.

  • Twitter handle: interlisp8.

  • Direct email: In addition to the email groups you can contact by emailing us at

1 - 2021 Meeting Agendas and Notes

Agenda 13 Dec 2021

  • – getting to a (0.9) release
  • InterlispOrg Inc – 501c3 approval

Agenda 6 Dec 2021

  • Github projects?

Agenda 29 Nov 2021

Other Topics?

  • mkvdate.c (was on agenda pushed to issue)
  • SDL
  • Releases (medley, maiko, docker)
  • Using GitHub projects?
  • Documentation: Book 3, release notes

Agenda 22 Nov 2021

  • Deployment
    • SDL status (Peter)
    • Docker build (Bill)
    • (Frank)
  • git/GitHub Medley branch commi push workflow (Ron)
    • Masterscope issue
  • Annual Report feedback (Larry)

Agendas 8 & 15 November 2021

We spent both meetings reviewing the Annual Report and Round Table

Agenda 1 November 2021 NOTE NEW MEETING TIME

We should put out a progress report of what we’ve done, new things or soon anticipated. First annual report. In the meeting let’s try Google Docs.

Agenda 25 October 2021

Too much to talk about – lots is happening all at once.

Agenda 18 Oct 2021

  • round table: Status & plans
  • README’s and release notes
  • Distributions

Agenda 11 Oct 2021

  • Documentation (reader’s guide, SK books)
  • Releases and automation
  • Help wanted bugs (#55 eval, MV return stack)

Agenda 27 September 2021

Lots of things to talk about, that might require some preparation

Let’s start with (5 min each max) round-table. Then 15 minutes each on plan for review

  • Documentation:
    • what we have (Wiki list, PDFs, site)
    • what we’re working on (SK)
    • What we need (Documentation issues, bibliography)
  • Subrs and opcode survey
  • Unicode plans (internal and external encodings)
  • Releases and distributions

Agenda 20 September 2021

Round-table. Save for last:

  • BACKGROUND-YIELD -> liapusers (for now)
  • Releases
  • no commit of loadups => need loadups-only release
  • (dribble files? need copyall?)
  • Interlisp/DOS

Agenda 13 September 21

  • Interlisp Org Inc status, Q&A
  • Zotero (Herb?)
  • Releases (Bill?)
  • welcome Peter
  • Envos files
  • Fonts progress
  • LispUsers

Agenda 6 September 2021

Labor Day (US Holiday); attendance uncertain. Let’s do a “round table” of brief status reports.

  • Interlisp.Org Inc – progress
  • Zotero bibliography
  • Releases
  • Documentation - FAQ?
  • Fonts (sigh)

Agenda 30 August 2021

  • loadups, releases, GitHub automation, Notecards configuration

Agenda 23 August 2021

before we dive into other topics, including:

  • *.TEDIT to PDF for all medley / envos repos
  • envos repo reorg / undo cr/lf transform
  • tests and benchmarks

Agenda 16 August 2021

  • Round table news
  • Tracking down bug 407

Agenda 9 August 2021

Agenda 2 August 2021

  • Testing – how to make test cases for changes
  • Git commit quality and separability
  • Recent PR merges
  • maintenance workflow
  • Simplify process of obtaining new releases (mjd)

Agenda 26 July 2021

  • DOSBox / uploads
  • Ron’s IO changes /Interlisp/medley/pull/348
  • Project goals & bylaws (TBA)

Agenda 19 July 2021

• 30 minutes topics important for filing for 501c3 articles of incorporation

  1. brainstorming a list of possible organizational goals. I imagine this as a “brainstorming” session where we collect ideas. It’s important to have a broad purpose statement to allow flexibility but specific enough to attract volunteers and donations. Consolidation, evaluation, and pruning will come later. The ideas should be expressed in terms suitable for filing for non-profit status. See Medley Interlisp Goals and Ongoing Projects for inspiration.
  2. Av list of ideas for the organization name.

I will record the session but it would be wonderful if someone could take notes (setting up a google document we all could connect to)

• 30 minutes round table: status, plans, blockers

Agenda 12 July 2021

I’d like to talk about overall project goals in relationship to Ongoing Projects

Agenda 5 July 2021

Ongoing Projects in reverse order

Agenda 28 Jun 2021

I’d like some feedback on Project Organization. My hope is to use this organization to drive the agenda.

Agenda 21 Jun 2021

Usual round-table status and plans

Agenda 14 Jun 2021

some topics to touch base on

  • Docker (Herb)
  • Notecards demo (Frank?)
  • Medley 2.0 on DOSBox (Arun?)
  • Space and versions and file name case (Bill? Larry)
  • EOL convention problems with DFASLs? (Ron?)
  • Meeting recordings available to LispCore for 2 weeks

Agenda 7 June 2021

  • Introductions (if invitees can make it)
  • Docker (Herb)
  • Topic “Notecards Demo”
  1. running old sysouts with DarkStar
  2. running old sysouls with Medley 2.0 on DosBox
  3. recompiling and loadup with modern medley
  • “International Keyboard Support”
  • “Zotero Interlisp bibliography”
  • Working with Fiverr
  • git-versions
  • GitHub space plan

Agenda 24 May 2021

Usual round table, hoping to include topics:

  • Docker plans (Herb)
  • Filter GitHub for big files; use GitHub LFS; or both (? Bill)
  • Running in Windows? (Steve)
  • Starting an Interlisp non-profit (Larry)
  • Stack overflow bug?

Notes 17 May 2021

These are rough notes from the meeting. I regularly record the meetings for private consumption.

  • Let me ask each of the attendees, your decision on the question of what to do: stop recording, available to LispCore members, available public, available on request. I want to respect everyone’s conditions, and would like an explicit ack. I’ll summarize before acting.
  • Reducing git repo size (Bill Stumbo) We decided “one change at a time” even if it causes multiple force push, and invalidates forked repos (There were a small number.) If the forkers can cope once, they can prepare for the second time). Bill will test his filter on a fork/copy and make sure it has the desired effect.
  • Steve was still having problems running WSL2 on Windows. Windows 10 Home vs. Windows 10 pro. We should resurrect the original instructions for running on Oracle Virtualbox or VmWare. Making progress on INTERLISP volume 2.
  • Bibliography progress (Abe) Abe showed off the Bibliography and advanced features on There’s a search feature but it’s buggy. (The implementation is in the GitHub Interlisp/ repository. I think Issues with the website and bibliography could just use Medley issues with tag “Documentation”.
  • Herb talked about the Docker and automation issues he was going to reverse inherit from Abe.
  • Character IO changes (Ron) Ron described his progress.
  • Versions from git (Larry) I demoed a ‘proof of concept’ for pulling old versions from git. I’ll keep you posted
  • Notecards Demo (Arun, Frank Halasz(?))
  • stack overflow multiple value return bug
    Nick and I talked over the fine details of who does what to the stack and why. The conjecture is this isn’t a new bug, just a fault that was rare.

John Vittal, Arun Welch, Abe Jellinek, Herb Jellinek, Larry Masinter, Bill Stumbo, Nick Briggs, Ron Kaplan, John Cowan, Steve Kaisler, Michele Denber

Agenda 10 May 2021

  • Round Table
  • Changing character encoding default (Ron)
  • The stack overflow debugging techniques (as a “case study”)

Agenda 3 May 2021

After trying other alternatives, I’m coming back to using the Wiki for agendas

  • it’s easy to find (not getting lost)
  • Anyone can update easily

This week, we will (hopefully) see John Vittal and Steve Kaisler (who joined us last Monday)

  • Introductions & usual ‘round table’. Topic suggestions
    • John Vittal welcome
    • Steve Kaisler’s Interlisp book and Volume II plans (Any success loading release?)
    • Bibliography (Abe)
    • EOL change in sources (Ron)
    • Lispusers (Herb?)
  • Other topics if there’s time
    • Loadups, releases
    • defaults for printing

Agenda 8 March 2021

  • As usual, what have you been up to? (Status and Plans)
  • Making releases:
  • Visibility
  • workflow on duplicate function removal (how to make each a PR)

Agemda 22 Feb 2021

Topics I have for tomorrow

  • Experimenting with loading all of sysfiles
  • Cleaning out “dead wood” in the Lisp code

regular features:

  • recent bug reports
  • round table

Agenda 15 Feb 21

  • Round table news & plans
  • Configuration vs. Documentation (Masterscope & DInfo, Match, fonts)
  • making the init and loadup review
  • reviewing the PR #187
  • debugging and analysis techniques

meeting recorded but available for 1 week on request

Agenda 25 Jan 2021

  • Recent documentation updates (READMEs, Wiki) and plans
  • Pinning CPU experiments
  • Common Lisp / Interlisp priorities

2 -

2022 Meeting Agendas and Notes

Every Monday 10:00am PT Zoom ID: 408 332 4290

Meeting recordings contact @masinter for access.

Agenda 2 May 2022

Agenda 11 April 2022

  • notices to other organizations (S Kaisler)
  • Web site organization (W.Marci? B.Stumbo)
  • round table

Agenda 28 March 2022

Review announcements and reactions. Time for broader announcements finally.

Agenda 21 March 2022

Larry’s out this week, but there was sentiment to meet anyway, so click the Edit button and edit this page to add your agenda items.

Agenda 14 March 2022

Let’s go through Documentation as well as open ‘Documentation’ issues and prioritize.

Agenda 7 March 2022

  • Issue review for release announcement Let’s quickly go through open issues labeled ‘online’ for a status update
  • SPN/Educopia consulting
  • Lispusers cleanup …

Agenda 28 Feb 2022

Agenda 21 Feb 2022

  • News (round table):
    • online (open issues)
    • GITFNS handling file moves
    • SPN and spreading the news
    • Branding and sponsors
  • Pick an issue: using “pick-issue” we will pick an issue and work on it together. If we can close the issue in 20 minutes, fine, but otherwise we will just write up what we learned. (later I’ll extend pick-issue to pick Lispusers packages too).

Agenda 14 Feb 2022

Happy Valentine’s day

  • New GitHub actions – how does it work?
  • LispUsers review
  • idea: 15 minute demos of Medley features (for later scripting and re-recording)

Agenda 7 Feb 2022

Agenda 31 Jan 2022

  • New user online experience (again) –
  • Web site review
  • round-table status and plans

Agenda 24 Jan 2022

Agenda 17 Jan 2022

Agenda 10 Jan 2022

Three topics; half hour each.

  1. Joining SPN (as a member, a sponsor, or some other relation). See SPN membership proposal and here for context; with Jessica Farrell and Eric Kaltman.
  2. Interlisp Online (hopefully Frank)
  3. New User Getting Started (Bill and Steve)

Agenda 3 Jan 2022

Happy New Year

  • Online status
    • new user setup (promptwindow, helptime, dwimwait, break window size & auto bt
    • payment set to use AWS $1k annual credit
  • SDL Status
  • Joining SPN (Visitors 10 Jan 2021)
  • People/skills to hire?
    • Videographer (plan, script, record, produce demos)
    • Historian (bibliographer, Interlisp history)
    • Lawyer (software preservation, Open source)