We have a variety of documentation available for anyone interested in using Interlisp.

For general information to get you started, go to The Basics of Interlisp.

For Medley orientation and tips, go to Using Medley.

The following links provide access to PDF files containing Interlisp documentation.

Unsorted documentation content

Most Interlisp/Medley documentation was written using the Medley Text Editor, one of the first WYSIWYG graphical user interface text editors, called TEdit. Written in and for Interlisp users, it features muliple fonts, embedded graphics including line drawings and raster images.

TEdit files are scattered through the the various Interlisp repositories. For the convenience of those who would rather read the files using more modern tools, see the files from different Medley Interlisp repositories, converted to PDF.

For the searcher’s conveneience, these have also been combined into searchable PDFs named All-*-PDFs.pdf.

Medley Interlisp References

Interlisp Books