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The Medley Interlisp Restoration team meets weekly via Zoom:

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Monday, 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT
Zoom ID: 826 2326 6074

Meeting Agendas and Notes

please add any agenda issues and other items you would like to discuss. Meeting recordings contact @masinter for access.

Agenda 2 May 2022

Agenda 11 April 2022

  • notices to other organizations (S Kaisler)
  • Web site organization (W.Marci? B.Stumbo)
  • round table

Agenda 28 March 2022

Review announcements and reactions. Time for broader announcements finally.

Agenda 21 March 2022

Larry’s out this week, but there was sentiment to meet anyway, so click the Edit button and edit this page to add your agenda items.

Agenda 14 March 2022

Let’s go through Documentation as well as open ‘Documentation’ issues and prioritize.

Agenda 7 March 2022

  • Issue review for release announcement Let’s quickly go through open issues labeled ‘online’ for a status update
  • SPN/Educopia consulting
  • Lispusers cleanup …

Agenda 28 Feb 2022

Agenda 21 Feb 2022

  • News (round table):
    • online (open issues)
    • GITFNS handling file moves
    • SPN and spreading the news
    • Branding and sponsors
  • Pick an issue: using “pick-issue” we will pick an issue and work on it together. If we can close the issue in 20 minutes, fine, but otherwise we will just write up what we learned. (later I’ll extend pick-issue to pick Lispusers packages too).

Agenda 14 Feb 2022

Happy Valentine’s day

  • New GitHub actions – how does it work?
  • LispUsers review
  • idea: 15 minute demos of Medley features (for later scripting and re-recording)

Agenda 7 Feb 2022

Agenda 31 Jan 2022

  • New user online experience (again) –
  • Web site review
  • round-table status and plans

Agenda 24 Jan 2022

Agenda 17 Jan 2022

Agenda 10 Jan 2022

Three topics; half hour each.

  1. Joining SPN (as a member, a sponsor, or some other relation). See SPN membership proposal and here for context; with Jessica Farrell and Eric Kaltman.
  2. Interlisp Online (hopefully Frank)
  3. New User Getting Started (Bill and Steve)

Agenda 3 Jan 2022

Happy New Year

  • Online status
    • new user setup (promptwindow, helptime, dwimwait, break window size & auto bt
    • payment set to use AWS $1k annual credit
  • SDL Status
  • Joining SPN (Visitors 10 Jan 2021)
  • People/skills to hire?
    • Videographer (plan, script, record, produce demos)
    • Historian (bibliographer, Interlisp history)
    • Lawyer (software preservation, Open source)

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