Organizational Partners

News 22 Sep 21:

InterlispOrg Inc formed

For 9 Aug 21 discussion

“Get more organization for the project”; allow us to take donations, sponsor workshops, hire some consultants for projects and issues with insufficient volunteers, buy better support from GitHub, Zoom, hire a historian or a videographer.

We talked about starting a non-profit 2 Aug 21. Here is an edited summary of the transcript. Steve drafted some bylaws for discussion. Having a Board of Directors would structure getting advice and clarifying objectives.

We also explored other possibilities for some of those objectives. These are not exclusive.


  • SPI takes 5% of donations for administrative overhead
  • Easy to set up
  • Used by many open-source projects
  • initiated discussion with them

Software Preservation Network

  • Membership of (mainly non-profit) organizations
  • We might partner with one or more of their members
  • Membership is either $5K/year or $4k/year (which offers more?)
  • Hosts Emulation as a Service infrastructure, which Medley could fit into

Computer History Museum

  • PARC gave a grant to CHM of software collection
  • hosts Smalltalk Zoo
  • offered to record history interview
  • our ambitions for future Medley might exceed the scope of what would constitute “computer history” within their focus areas (History of AI, History of Web)
  • SPN member

Universities: Stanford, RIT, GWU, Harvard

  • Prefer SPN/EaaSi members?
  • Alma Mater or current affiliation of project members

LFG (Lexical Functional Grammar) group

  • Set up to allow tax-deductable donations for student travel to conferences
  • LFG is a primary group keeping Medley alive

Internet Archive

  • MAME

Software Heritage

  • UNESCO sponsored activity to collect and archive software
  • Longer term focus claims are on reproducibility of software artifacts, however it doesn’t appear that much effort has occurred in this area