The 2022 Medley Interlisp Annual Report provides a detailed report on 2022 accomplishments.

Recent Updates



  • Newcomers welcome!


  • Documentation update. We’re updating the project documentation. Feel free to make suggestions for improvement
  • Significant development of integration with GitHub (via the GITFNS module) for doing a Lisp-based PR review workflow


  • Interlisp Online new version! Many new/improved features. From any (recent) browser. Medley is running “in the cloud” and you connect to it (and your account) over the web
  • Medley Documentation. We’ve been updating the online documentation at least for getting started – instructions on Running in various contexts and Building and Using
  • Interlisp.Org has been approved as tax-exempt by California Franchise Tax Board and the California AG, State Charity Registration Number: CT0278267
  • We have joined (as an “implementation sponsor”) the Software Preservation Network. See Interlisp and SPN for more information
  • Many updates to Medley features and files; most releases have a ‘What’s Changed’ section or URL


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  • Steve’s Medley Interlisp: The Interactive Environment reformated for easier online reading.
  • Joining the Software Preservation Network.
  • progress, changes expected
  • New User documentation
  • Still awaiting California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) to confirm exempt status (ETA April)
  • work on Lisp-based GitHub client, comparison of Lisp files


  • Interlisp Online: Run Medley Interlisp in the cloud with just a browser. No download or install. Lower the barrier to entry. Of course, it’s better to install a release on your own machine, but for the casual visitor, this is better.
    • Still under development but try it out, report problems (use issue tag ‘online’).
    • There seem to be problems with Safari on older macs–try Firefox or Chrome.
    • a mouse and keyboard are still necessary on tablets.
    • For the immersive “Lisp Machine” experience, run “fullscreen”.
    • HiRes display? Most browsers will let you scale the pixels.
  • InterlispOrg Inc has been approved as a 501c3 with the IRS. The simplest way to donate is using the GitHub Sponsor button.