What to Expect when Using Medley

Refer to the following pages to learn about using Medley Interlisp:

  • Orientation: A description of what you will see when you open Medley, and how to use the files and directories available.
  • Medley Tips: A few useful tips and tricks for using Medley.
    Note: I did not include links to the other two topics under Medley (Release Notes and The DSK file), because I am not sure if they are really complete or useful.
  • Files from multiple Medley Interlisp repositories converted to PDF: Most Interlisp/Medley documentation was written using the Medley Text Editor, one of the first WYSIWYG graphical user interface text editors, called TEdit. Written in and for Interlisp users, it features muliple fonts, embedded graphics including line drawings and raster images. Since TEdit files are scattered through the various Interlisp repositories, we created this PDF for convenience. For your conveneience, these have also been combined into searchable PDFs named All-*-PDFs.pdf.
  • Medley for the Sun Workstation User’s Guide in PDF format
  • Medley Primer in PDF format