Interlisp Bibliography

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Author Title Notes
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Interlisp-D: further steps in the flight from time-sharing
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History of Interlisp
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INTERLISP documentation
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The background of INTERNIST I and QMR
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Word play
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The paradigms of programming
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Metisse is not a 3D desktop!
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Linkers and loaders
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Inserting ilities by controlling communications
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The Desert environment Annotation: This is an example of an annotation on an item.
Deutsch, L. Peter
Finkbine, Ronald B.
ACM Fellow profile
Ehrlich, Kate
A conversation with Austin Henderson
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Exploiting software interfaces for performance measurement
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Arabic morphology using only finite-state operations
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A framework for undoing actions in collaborative systems
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A discipline of software architecture
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Hyperform: using extensibility to develop dynamic, open, and distributed hypertext systems
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Information organization in multimedia resources
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Undoing actions in collaborative work
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Software evolution through iterative prototyping
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Interactive constraint-based search and replace
Museum+Labs, Living Computers:
livingcomputermuseum/Darkstar original-date: 2019-01-15T20:40:02Z
Bobrow, Daniel G.
Murphy, Daniel L.
Structure of a LISP system using two-level storage: Communications of the ACM
Bobrow, Daniel G.
Wegbreit, Ben
A model and stack implementation of multiple environments
Bobrow, Daniel G.
A note on hash linking
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Implementation of Interlisp on the VAX
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Bobrow, Daniel G.
An efficient, incremental, automatic garbage collector
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The Interlisp Virtual Machine Specification
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Interlisp-D at AAAI-82
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Mittal, Sanjay
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Programming Languages -- The LOOPS Project (1982-1986)
X3J13 Charter
Steele, Guy L.
COMMON LISP : the language
Pitman, Kent M.
Common Lisp Condition System
Iterative technique for phrase query formation and an information retrieval...
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Apparatus for analyzing source code
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Customizable user interfaces for programmed computer systems
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Data-driven, functional expert system shell
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Computer based workstation for development of graphic representation of …
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Window system with independently replaceable window functionality
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Recent Improvements to 940 LISP Library
1985 Harmony and Intermezzo releases Koto release (for Xerox 1186), some bits of Common Lisp
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Common Lisp Cleanup. — Software Preservation Group
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Global Program Analysis in an Interactive Envi ronment by Larry Melvin Masinter SSL.80-1 JANUARY 1980
The BBN-LISP System
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Artificial intelligence Systems Xerox LOOPS, A Friendly Primer
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LISP history
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Freeing the essence of a computation
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LISP bulletin
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Interlisp performance measurements
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Special issue on knowledge representation
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Garbage collection in a large LISP system
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Ambitious evaluation: a new reading of an old issue
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LISP-an Amicus Curiae Brief
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A subjective view of Lisp
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Using Lisp-based pseudocode to probe student understanding
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CANDO: A Compiled Programming Language for Computer-Aided Nanomaterial Design and Optimization Based on Clasp Common Lisp
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Common Lisp's Predilection for Mathematical Programming
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Parallelism in Lisp
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Lisp: themes and history
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An Improvement to Sliding Garbage Collection
Tatar, Deborah G.
Weinreb, Daniel
A programmer's guide to common Lisp
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Futures and multiple values in parallel Lisp
Trancón y Widemann, Baltasar
A reference-counting garbage collection algorithmfor cyclical functional programming
Turner, Roy M.
LP/LISP: literate programming for Lisp
Wertz, Harald
A system to understand incorrect programs
Wood, Amy
LJ Interviews Larry Gritz
Format for proposals to the cleanup committee (Version 14)
Bobrow, Daniel G.
Murphy, Daniel L.
A note on the efficiency of a LISP computation in a paged machine
Bobrow, Daniel G.
Clark, Douglas W.
Compact Encodings of List Structure
Gabriel, Richard P.
Steele, Guy L.
A pattern of language evolution
Kossow, Al
PDP-10 software archive
Tavani, Herman T.
Cyberethics and the future of computing
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Book Review: Practical User Interface Design by Larry Wood
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Improved effectiveness from a real time LISP garbage collector
McCarthy, J.
An interesting LISP function
Böhnke, Dorothea
Eggerth, Claudia
Die Arbeitsweise hypermedialer Lernsysteme am Beispiel der Systeme Lisp-Tutor und ELM-ART
Böcker, Heinz-Dieter
IX. OPTIMIST. Ein System zur Beurteilung und Verbesserung von Lisp-Code
Lisp and Symbolic Computation
McCarthy, John
Recursive functions of symbolic expressions and their computation by machine, Part I
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A Heuristic Program that Solves Symbolic Integration Problems in Freshman Calculus
Beckerle, Michael
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Unietis, David
Extensions to Common LISP to Support International Character Sets
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Prakash, Mayank
Shepherd, Mary
CYC: Using common sense knowledge to overcome brittleness and knowledge acquisition bottlenecks
Waguespack, Leslie J.
Hass, David F.
A workbench for project oriented software engineering courses
Foderaro, John
Lisp environments
Emanuelson, Pär
Haraldsson, Anders
On compiling embedded languages in LISP
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Kahn, Kenneth
Kiczales, Gregor
Masinter, Larry
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Zdybel, Frank
CommonLoops: merging Lisp and object-oriented programming
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Bobrow, Daniel G.
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Overview and status of DoradoLisp
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Rich interaction in the digital library
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Building Common Lisp programs using Bazel
Strandh, Robert
Fast Generic Dispatch for Common Lisp
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Lisp: Good News, Bad News, How to Win Big
INTERLISP The Language And Its Usage
International Lisp Conference 2014
Masinter, Larry M.
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Local optimization in a compiler for stack-based Lisp machines
Computer-Assisted Instruction (Bits and Bytes, Episode 7)
Lisp Editing in the 80s - Interlisp SEdit
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Graphical Programming (1988) - Part 0
All the Widgets 2: Menus
Oldford, Wayne
Graphical Programming (1988) - Parts 1 and 2
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The Information Lens
Building towards a holistic development service — Amjad Masad
Tannir, Adam
The Next HOPE (2010): Lisp, The Oldest Language of the Future
Barstow, David R.
Overview of a display-oriented editor for INTERLISP
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The Interlisp Programming Environment publisher: IEEE Computer Society
Truckin Knowledge Competition (1983)
The Colab Movie (1987)
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An Integration of Knowledge and Data Representation DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4612-4980-1_33
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An Interlisp Relational Data Base System. section: Technical Reports
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A Preliminary QLISP Manual section: Technical Reports
Stoyan, Herbert
Early LISP history (1956 - 1959)
Deutsch, L. Peter
Experience with a microprogrammed Interlisp system
Deutsch, L. Peter
ByteLisp and its Alto implementation
Interlisp reference manual OCLC: 802551877
Interlisp reference manual: Revised OCLC: 11098633
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Status Report on Alto Lisp
Deutsch, L. Peter
A LISP machine with very compact programs
Deutsch, L. Peter
Artificial Intelligence Systems, Interlisp-D: A Friendly Primer
Interlisp-D Reference Manual, Volume I: Language OCLC: 802551877
Interlisp-D Reference Manual, Volume II: Environment OCLC: 802551877
Interlisp-D Reference Manual, Volume III: Input/Output OCLC: 802551877
Teitelman, Warren
A display oriented programmer's assistant
Teitelman, Warren
A display oriented programmer's assistant
LISP-details INTERLlSP / 360 - 370
Teitelman, Warren
Clisp: Conversational Lisp event: IEEE Transactions on Computers
Teitelman, Warren
Automated programmering: the programmer's assistant
Teitelman, Warren
PILOT: A Step Toward Man-Computer Symbiosis Accepted: 2004-10-20T20:06:03Z
Gladwin, Lee A.
Gladwin, Lee A.
Review of Interlisp: The Language and Its Usage publisher: IEEE Computer Society
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The INTERLISP Virtual Machine Specification: Revised
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Display primitives in Lisp
Deutsch, L. Peter
Lampson, Butler W.
930 LISP Reference Manual
Weizenbaum, Joseph
ELIZA, a computer program for the study of natural language communication between man and machine
Preliminary Specification for BBN 940 LISP
Bobrow, Daniel G.
Teitelman, Warren
Format-directed list processing in LISP
Deutsch, L. Peter
PDP-1 Lisp
Deutsch, P.
Preliminary Guide to the LISP Editor
McCarthy, John
LISP - notes on its past and future
Stoyan, Herbert
Lisp 50 years ago
McCarthy, John
LISP: a programming system for symbolic manipulations
Bobrow, Daniel G.
DeMichiel, Linda G.
Gabriel, Richard P.
Keene, Sonya E.
Kiczales, Gregor
Moon, David A.
Common Lisp Object System specification
Bobrow, Daniel G.
Raphael, Bertram
New Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence Research
Schrag, Robert C.
Notes on the Conversion of LogLisp from Rutgers/UCI-Lisp to InterLisp, section: Technical Reports
Teitelman, W.
Proposal for Research on Interlisp and Network-Based Systems section: Technical Reports
Gabriel, Richard P.
McCarthy, John
Queue-based multi-processing LISP
Bates, Raymond L.
Dyer, David
Feber, Mark
Recent developments in ISI-interlisp
Burton, Richard R.
Semantic grammar: an engineering technique for constructing natural language understanding systems
Frieder, Gideon
Reiss, Steven P.
Simplifying data integration: the design of the desert software development environment
Petrus, Edwin S.
SKILL: a Lisp based extension language
Bobrow, Daniel G.
Storage management in LISP section: Technical Reports
DeMichiel, Linda G.
Gabriel, Richard P.
The Common Lisp Object System: An Overview
Steele, Guy L.
Gabriel, Richard P.
The evolution of Lisp
Stoyan, Herbert
The influence of the designer on the design—J. McCarthy and LISP
Koomen, Johannes A. G. M.
The interlisp virtual machine: study of its design and its implementation as multilisp DOI: 10.14288/1.0051801
Gabriel, Richard P.
Performance and evaluation of LISP systems
Jayaprakash, Rajesh
pLisp: A Friendly Lisp IDE for Beginners
Sheil, Beau
POWER TOOLS FOR PROGRAMMERS DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-934613-12-5.50048-3
Chen, Wen-ke
Bhansali, Sanjay
Chilimbi, Trishul
Gao, Xiaofeng
Chuang, Weihaw
Profile-guided proactive garbage collection for locality optimization
Sandewall, Erik
Programming in an Interactive Environment: the "Lisp" Experience
Lipkis, Thomas A.
Mark, William S.
Pirtle, Melvin W.
Design system using visual language
Henderson, D. Austin
Card, Stuart K.
Maxwell, John T.
User interface with multiple workspaces for sharing display system objects
Kaplan, Ronald M.
Maxwell, John T. III
Text-compression technique using frequency-ordered array of word-number mappers
Smith, Reid G.
Schoen, Eric J.
Object-oriented framework for menu definition
Malone, Thomas W.
Lai, Kum-Yew
Yu, Keh-Chiang
Berenson, Richard W.
Object-oriented computer user interface
Balban, Morton S.
Lan, Ming-Shong
Panos, Rodney M.
Method of and apparatus for composing a press imposition
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Method for manipulating digital text data
Denber, Michel J.
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Method and apparatus for thinning printed images
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Method and apparatus for a programming language having fully undoable, timed reactive instructions
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Corbett, John D.
Interactive method of developing software interfaces
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Robertson, George G.
Image display systems
Denber, Michel J.
Graphics display system with improved dynamic menu selection
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Kay, Martin
Maxwell, John
Finite state machine data storage where data transition is accomplished without the use of pointers
Harrison, Malcolm
Review of The Programming Language LISP: Its Operation and Applications publisher: American Mathematical Society
Finin, Tim
Translating KL-One from interlisp to Franzlisp
Bobrow, Daniel G.
Murphy, Daniel L.
Deutsch, L. Peter
PIVOT source listing
Deutsch, L. Peter
An interactive program verifier
Murphy, Dan
TENEX and TOPS-20 publisher: IEEE
Teitelman, W.
Bobrow, D. G.
Hartley, A. K.
Murphy, D. L.
BBN - LISP, TENEX Reference Manual, Revised
Bobrow, Daniel G.
Darley, D. Lucille
Deutsch, L. Peter
Murphy, Daniel L.
Teitelman, Warren
THE BBN 940 LISP SYSTEM section: Technical Reports
Teitelman, Warren
The BBN-LISP system: Reference Manual
Teitelman, W.
Bobrow, D. G.
Hartley, A. K.
Murphy, D. L.
BBN - LISP, TENEX Reference Manual
Bobrow, D. G.
Deutsch, L. P.
Murphy, D. L.
General Structure of LISP 1.69
Naraln, Sanjai
McArthur, David
Klahr, Philip
Large-scale system development in several lisp environments
Boyd, Mickey R.
Whalley, David B.
Isolation and analysis of optimization errors
Bundy, Alan
Wallen, Lincoln
Interlisp-D DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-96868-6_103
Bobrow, Daniel G.
Kahn, Kenneth
Kiczales, Gregor
Masinter, Larry
Stefik, Mark
Zdybel, Frank
CommonLoops: merging Lisp and object-oriented programming
Allen, Eric
Cartwright, Robert
Stoler, Brian
DrJava: a lightweight pedagogic environment for Java
Bobrow, Daniel G.
Deutsch, L. Peter
Extending Interlisp for modularization and efficiency
Balzer, Robert M.
A language-independent programmer's interface
Rosenthal, David S.H.
Emulation & Virtualization as Preservation Strategies
Moore, J. Strother
The Interlisp virtual machine specification (revised)
Sacerdoti, Earl D.
Fikes, Richard E.
Reboh, Rene
Sagalowicz, Daniel
Waldinger, Richard J.
Wilber, B. Michael
Qlisp: a language for the interactive development of complex systems
Attendees | Larry Masinter, The Medley Interlisp Project: Status and Plans | Meetup
Texas Instruments Explorer Technical Summary, DDYB022 Austin, TX 7879
Texas Instruments Expert System Development Tools, DNJS058 Austin, TX 78792
TI Explorer Symbolic Processing System, DEES055 (brochure) Austin, TX 78792
Texas Instruments New Developments in Artificial Intelligence, DEEB024 (brochure) Austin, TX 78792
Brachman, Ronald
Ciccarelli, Eugene
Greenfeld, Norton
Yonke, Martin
KLONE Reference Manual: DOI: 10.21236/ADA122437
DeKleer, Johann
Daniel G. Bobrow: In Memoriam publisher: Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Report Number: 38 Fatcat ID: release_wg4g7ikocbagxinabbk2eni52q
Fiala, E. R.
The Maxc Systems publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Report Number: 11 Fatcat ID: release_q5bn52bkmvgfnfpyj3fa6wfnzy
ACS Full Text Snapshot
ANSI Common Lisp
FAQ: Lisp Implementations and Mailing Lists 4/7 [Monthly posting] - [4-1] Commercial Common Lisp implementations.
Introducing the Smalltalk Zoo section: Software History Center
Symbolics Software
Symbolics Overview (Briefing)
Symbolics File Systems
CHAOSNet File Protocol
Lisp Machines Summary -3600Edition #990075
3600 Technical Summary - Feb83
Xerox Alto Emulator
Kaplan, Ronald M.
Sheil, B. A.
Adding Type Declarations to Interlisp.
PLDI 2021: The Evolution of Smalltalk from Smalltalk-72 through Squeak
PLDI 2021: The Evolution of Smalltalk from Smalltalk-72 through Squeak
Card, Stuart
Oral history interview with Stuart Card Accepted: 2021-03-04T21:17:00Z publisher: Charles Babbage Institute
Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Software Preservation
Some thoughts about raising the profile of Lisp
(archives of email about the common lisp standard and related)
Cardoso-Llach, Daniel
Kaltman, Eric
Erdolu, Emek
Furste, Zachary
An Archive of Interfaces: Exploring the Potential of Emulation for Software Research, Pedagogy, and Design
Gabriel, Richard P.
Performance and Evaluation of LISP Systems DOI: 10.7551/mitpress/5298.001.0001
Truckin’ and the Knowledge Competitions | MJSBlog
Clark, Douglas W.
List Structure: Measurements, Algorithms, and Encodings
Dan Murphy's TECO, TENEX, and TOPS-20 Papers
Running Lisp in Production