The handling of keyboard and mouse clicks and gestures is different and varied within the Medley environment. This chart shows common keystrokes. Table of Keystrokes more data.

We’d like to improve keyboard handling but haven’t yet found a path.

At an “exec” (i.e., the REPL).

character action
backspace delete the previous character
ctrl-H (same as backspace)
enter if at end of line, terminate
ctrl-M (same as enter)
ctrl-alt-J move down
ctrl-alt-L move to start of line
ctrl-alt-Y “get userexec” ????

Interrupt characters

These are enabled per-process. Medley maintains, for each process, a “termtable” which enables different kinds of interrupts. In general, the process (sometimes known as the “TTY” process or the process that “has the keyboard”.

character action
ctrl-B stop the process and enter a break window
ctrl-D reset the process, unwind the stack to the top level
ctrl-E unwind the stack as if an error occured without break
ctrl-P interrupt printing and reset the PRINTLEVEL