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Interlisp was a pioneering software development environment from the 1970s at Xerox PARC targeted primarily at the AI software development community. A group of its developers and users have gotten together to revive Interlisp -- as a language, environment, spirit -- in the Medley Interlisp Project.

Because Interlisp has been around a long time, with multiple iterations, you might find the multitude of names for the Interlisp language and related companies confusing. To assist, we have created a list of common vocabulary you will find on this website.

The Medley Interlisp Project

Be a part of preserving a seminal piece of software showcasing an early Human-Computer interaction platform.

Try Medley

Follow instructions for running Medley on a variety of platforms. You will see pointers to documents, directions for running Medley online, installing Medley, and reporting bugs.

History of Interlisp

Discover the history of Interlisp including research materials and an extensive bibliography.