Install and Run

You can install Medley on a variety of different computer systems.

Download and install from a release

Medley has a virtual machine architecture: there’s a virtual machine implementation (called Maiko) and Lisp software that is compiled into instructions for it. The compiled code and memory images can be moved from one architecture to another – only Maiko needs to be ported. Maiko has been substantially revised and modernized, so you can to run Medley on many different OSes and machine architectures.

See the Maiko README and Medley README in their respective GitHub repository pages for more details on how to build and run them.

The current systems we’ve tested or for which we have confirmed reports can be found in the Maiko github repository, including:

  • OS: FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, Windows (using WSL or CygWin)
  • CPU: arm7l, arm64, PowerPC, SPARC, i386, x86_64