Install and Run

Packaged releases of Medley are available for Linux (most recent distros), MacOS and Windows 10/11. Both x86_64 and Arm64 systems are supported (as well as Arm7 - e.g., Raspberry Pi - for Linux). Instructions for installing and running Medley on these platforms are linked below.

Medley is capable of running on a variety of other OSes including FreeBSD and Solaris as well as on other CPU architectures including i386, SPARC, PowerPC, and Risc-V. To install and run Medley on these platforms, you will need to build Medley (and its underlying virtual machine, Maiko) from the sources available in the Interlisp repos on Instructions for building Medley and Maiko can be be found on github in the readme for Maiko and the readme for Medley.