Install and Run on Windows

There are two ways to install and run Medley on Windows. These two ways result in (nearly) identical Medley experiences, but differ in how Medley is installed and started.

  1. Using WSL (Windows Syswem for Linux). Medley on WSL requires the WSL subsystem to be installed on your Windows system. And when installing and using Medley on WSL you are working within a Linux environment. Some familiarity with Linux and the Linux command line is helpful. Medley on WSL is best for users who are running WSL anyway and/or prefer working in a Linux environment.

  2. Run Medley ’native’. Medley ’native’ works within the ordinary Windows environment. Installation uses a standard Windows installer and you start Medley from a standard Command (or Powershell) window. Medley ’native’ is best for users who prefer to stay (almost) exclusively in the Windows environment.

Medley on WSL and ’native’ Medley both require 64-bit Windows 10/11.