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Various individuals have written thoughts on Interlisp and the Medley project; their stories can be found here.

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  • Alex Schroeder shared his first impressions on and goals for using Medley.
    Designing Medley Interlisp such that it has this fuzzy boundary and can access a web browser and a PDF viewer outside is great;

  • Eugene Zaikonnikov recapped the discovery of the Interlisp code of Eurisko, the seminal AI system by Doug Lenat, and shared a video in which Eugene introduces the program and demonstrates it running on Medley.
    Truly an Indiana Jones finding the Lost Ark moment.

  • What Were the Differences Between Symbolics Genera and Xerox Interlisp-D asked by Simon Brooke in Hacker News
    … I’m curious about the similarities and differences between Symbolics Genera and Xerox Interlisp-D. Why is Genera more hyped than Interlisp-D? Unlike Genera, which is proprietary and is extremely difficult to obtain legally, Interlisp-D is now free, open-source software, and there’s a community that has ported Interlisp-D to run on top of modern operating systems.

  • InterLisp Fifteen Puzzle by Pixel_Outlaw in his blog.
    In some ways, this project was the fulfillment of me wanting to see what Xerox PARC brought to the table during the peak of Lisp AI research. It was from a time when what “Lisp” was was still being explored. You see heavy traces of the era in InterLisp.

  • Stringscope, a string listing tool in Interlisp by Paolo Amoroso in his blog
    I wanted to create something small that carries out a limited but useful task. My goal was to familiarize with the Medley Interlisp development environment, tools, and process through developing, optimizing, documenting, and sharing an Interlisp program.

  • My encounter with Medley Interlisp by Paolo Amoroso in his blog also cross-posted to Hacker News
    Imagine someone let you into an alien spaceship they landed in your backyard, sat you at the controls, and encouraged you to fly the ship. This is the opportunity Medley Interlisp offers….

  • FreeBSD on Dell T3600 by trhawes on Reddit FreeBSD … I’m a retro enthusiast who loves Lisp, so natually, I’d want to show off my Medley Interlisp virtual machine (emulating a Xerox Lisp Machine).

  • Computers Doing the Right Thing by Amjad Masad in his blog
    Interlisp is one of the most fascinating could-have-been computer systems in history. It shipped with one of the first from-the-ground-up interactive programming environments, structured editor, and many other innovations. Most impressive was the concept of Do What I Mean (DWIM).

  • The Interlisp Programming Environment asked by gruseom in Hacker News
    Interlisp was the so-called “west coast” Lisp that emphasized an interactive programming environment and in retrospect looks more like a hybrid between Smalltalk and Lisp than modern Lisp implementations. It was developed at PARC for a while. I don’t know if there was cross-pollination between Interlisp and Smalltalk or if the similarity was a zeitgeist thing.

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