Get Involved

There several ways to get involved in the Medley Interlisp Project, depending on your background and interests. These are elaborated below:

  1. Try it! We’ve tried to make it easy.
  2. Look at, comment on, and contribute to Interlisp on GitHub.
  3. Join in the discussions through a variety of interfaces.
  4. Participate in weekly meetings; Read meeting agendas and notes.
  5. Propose a project you want to take on, with help and guidance from us.
  6. Donate.

1. Try it!

We’re actively trying to improve the new user experience, but don’t expect a polished commercial product–we’re still in the middle of restoration. But things are pretty stable. should get you started. Type in (+ 1 2 3).

2. GitHub

We work primarily through the Interlisp repositories on GitHub. While there are several repositories for the project, issues (problem reports) are to be found in the medley repo issue list. If you have a GitHub account, you can watch the repositories of interest (medley, maiko, online).

Bug reports, feature requests, documentation problems, and questions are posted as GitHub issues in the Medley repository. Do check to see if your issue or question is answered there first.

3. Join in the discussions

Discussion board

The discussion board on GitHub is for general discussions and questions on the Medley environment, the Interlisp language, and Lisp development on the Medley system.


There are two Google groups (mailing lists):

The archives are public. The LispCore group gets much more email, and posts from non-members are moderated.

  • is a Google workspace; let us know if you want an “” email addresses and why you want it.


  • Libera.Chat has a #Interlisp IRC Channel. A place for informal chat. Connect by pointing your IRC client to (TLS) and /join #interlisp. Say hello. There are also channels for #lisp (any dialect) and #common-lisp.
  • [Lisp-Romania] has a Discord Interlisp channel.
  • X (Twitter) handle: interlisp8.
  • Direct email: In addition to the email groups listed above, you can email us at

4. Weekly meetings. We have weekly video conferencing meetings:

Mondays: 2pm PT/5pm ET. Implementation – technical discussions
Wednesdays: 10:30am PT/1:30pm ET. Communication – website, talks, documentation, bibliography, etc.

Meetings are to report accomplishments, status, plans, and problems, and discuss directions. Meetings are recorded, but recordings are not public.

If you would like to join our weekly meetings, let us know.

5. Medley Projects

Check out our Project List for ideas. Find something that matches your interests, or propose a different project. Funding is available to help support a limited number of projects.