Software Preservation Network

The Medley Interlisp Project has joined (as an “implementation sponsor”) the Software Preservation Network. SPN is a coordinated, distributed effort to ensure long term access to software through community engagement, infrastructure support and knowledge generation. See Interlisp and SPN for more information.

SPN is hosted by the Educopia Institute.

They recommended the following resources:

  • Community Cultivation Framework: a framework for thinking through a community’s development.
  • Vision in Formation: “Articulating Your Community’s Purpose”: A community facilitator’s guide around starting those mission, vision, and values statements, with templates, including sample agendas, forms, and boilerplate email text.
  • “It Takes a Village”: Tools for planning sustainability for open source software initiatives serving cultural and scientific heritage organizations.
  • The Community Tool Box: templates and advice around community assessment, developing strategic plans and organizational structure, and building community.