Interlisp was a joint effort of many people – likely more than one hundred – from its initial beginnings through its heyday until its virtual disappearance. There are more than we can name. There were contributions by employees of BBN, Xerox, and Fuji Xerox and later, employees of Envos and Venue. There are initials in the source code with date of last edit, but who wrote what is sometimes a mystery.

The Medley Interlisp Project had its origin in an effort by Nick Briggs and Ron Kaplan to get the virtual machine emulator (Maiko) to run on a newer MacOS; the goal was to let Ron continue to use it for linguistics research. Joined by Larry Masinter in 2020, the project evolved. Starting with a mailing list, private GitLab repository, DropBox folder, occasional emails. The project has grown and evolved, and continues to gain momentum. It can be difficult to name modern contributors, but the following people have helped the revival project:

Abe Jellinek, Alex Shendi, Andrew Sengul, Arun Welch, Bill Stumbo, Blake McBride, Bruce Mitchener, devhawala, ecraven, Eric Kaltman, Hayley Patton, Herb Jellinek, Frank Halasz, Kathryn Leventhal-Arnold, John Cowan ,Joseph Moreno, Matt Heffron, Larry Masinter, Nick Briggs, Paolo Amoroso, Paul McJones, Ron Kaplan, Ron Vincent Aspuria, Ryan Burnside, Steve Kaisler, Wayne Marci, as well as our GitHub sponsors: @to-lose-letrec, @jason-chandler, @sethm, among others.

GitHub can display graphs of contributors to repositories, including medley, Maiko, online, and this website.