InterlispOrg Inc has beem formed as a non-profit corporation in California.

We have been approved by the IRS for 501(c)3 status, and the California FTB for tax-free status. We have an EIN number assigned. We have a bank account. We can accept donations that may be tax-deductable for the donor. The simplest way to do so is using the GitHub Sponsor mechanism.

The name of the organization is “InterlispOrg Inc” (no punctuation). The board of directors met and, among other things, approved bylaws. It is not a membership organization.

There are three directors on the Board of Directors:

  • Larry Masinter (President)
  • Ron Kaplan (Treasurer)
  • Herb Jellinek (Secretary)

The charitable purpose of the organization is Scientific and, in particular, Computer Science research. The principal activity is to “develop demonstrations of software ideas based on Interlisp”.

The reason for going through this rigamarole is to allow charitable donations, to sustain our Interlisp Online service, to hold copyright and licenses. There are also unanticipated benefits of discounts and service credits available to non-profits.